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Family Pack Machine

Many different products and different models are used in our machines, such as chocolate packaging, jelly packaging, candy packaging, chocolate packaging, chocolate bar packaging and miniature flow wrap packaging, horizontal flow packaging, candy and bubble gum flow packaging, chocolate and candy flow packaging, bakery. flow packers, cake and bread flow packers, biscuit and biscuit flow packers, ready-to-eat and frozen food packaging packers. Packaging of all kinds of products such as biscuits, soap, chocolate, confectionery, tube, soap, soap, bearings, medicine, horizontal flow packaging machine, flow packaging machine, candy, candy, chocolate packaging machine, products such as horizontal flow packaging machine, soap packaging machine, flow packaging machine, flow packaging machine also known as flow packaging machine, flow packaging is mainly suitable for biscuit packaging, chocolate packaging applications.

The machine cuts biscuit edges from 100 g to 500 g for biscuits, cookies, crackers, etc. packages on one or more lines, such as packages. The machine can be equipped with automatic line sorting system, automatic stacking and loading and other parts.

  • For several rows of cookies without trays.
  • The optional extension conveyor at the outlet is easy to change product packaging.
  • An output conveyor can be connected to the lower container.
  • There are feeding options to meet individual needs.
  • All systems are user-friendly.
  • Secure the site and pass the seals.
  • The packing machine drives servo motor for easy pack length conversion.
  • Parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel or food-grade plastic
  • hot. Controlled by PLC, no need for temperature control. control Panel
  • Two automatic printing methods fixed in HMI
  • Systems suitable for different situations.
  • Double-roll stand technology reduces material waste and changes in a timely manner.
  • The machine always stops with its jaws open.
  • In the m/c operation, the packet length setting and the printing mark correction are synchronized with the packet speed.
  • The mounting bracket can be used with any coding device.
  • The inner panel keeps the temperature low. Raise the panel.
  • Consumers must be presented with choices.
  • Machine built-in end gusset system.
  • Touch screen-machine interface, easy to operate.
  • The zigzag blade pattern enhances the look of the bag.
  • Good wrapping paper feeding driven by servo motor.
  • General models available for large packages