Flow Wrapping Process

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Flow Wrapping Process

The machine is suitable for packing many normal products with large volume, such as instant noodles, confectionery, chocolate, biscuits, bread, croissants, medicine, daily necessities, household appliances, toys, electronic products or products packed in boxes / trays. Laminate pillow. Fully automatic machine, cube, cylinder etc. It has the capacity to pack various shapes such as. The adjustable bag length mechanism helps reduce packaging waste. The built-in photoelectric system can adjust the process of the film first.

A flow packaging machine is also known as flow packaging machine . Flow packaging is mainly suitable for biscuit packaging and chocolate bar packaging applications. Flow packing machine is the best machine for packing, as biscuit packing machine. Biscuit packing machines and biscuit packing machines can pack as many biscuits as needed. A flow wrapping machine is used to pack chocolate packages and 5 star type of chocolate package. Flow packaging machines, or flow packaging machines, are horizontal packaging machines. A Flow Wrap Machine is used to make noodle wrapping machine using the horizontal wrapping concept.

  • The machine is controlled by PLC with LCD touch screen.
  • High sensitive electrical-optical tracing system can be set at your request.
  • With special design bag former, Easily adjust packing size.
  • There are feeding options to meet individual needs.
  • Double frequency inverter control the speed and bag length.
  • Safety protect function.