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Hotel Pack Machine

Provide automatic splicing system. No operator required due to automatic insertion The backup wrapper will automatically connect to the running wrapper after the running wrapper is finished. The automatic splicing position of the left and right rolls can be adjusted independently. If there is no free space, it is empty, empty.

If the Printer Character Sensor, Main Cam Reed Switch, Encoder, Out of Material Sensor, or Material Low Sensor fails, the HMI will display massage and the machine will stop. Zone information will be displayed on the HMI if any heater or thermocouple is not working. You can replace the heater / thermocouple immediately. Temperature control in PLC with automatic adjustment. Thanks for this great thermometer. The HMI switches between one group, two groups / three groups. Select the desired group and the machine will run the import function. Only mechanical parts need to be replaced.

If fewer biscuits pass through the feeder, gradually switch to 10 packets of biscuits. If the cookies are running low, the machine will stop. Servo motors for volume control. All servo-based machines are also available. Provide central lubrication system. Our jaw machine is also available for small sizes (group height max-20 mm and cutting length max 100 mm).